The Hoopes

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby Hoopes is making his/her arrival....

We are so excited to announce Baby Hoopes is due September 14, 2014. We went to our first appointment Thursday February 6 and it was everything and more. We had our ultrasound first and it was so amazing, we got to see our peanut and the heartbeat(174 bpm)...boy/girl??? We don't care we just were so thrilled to see that little heart beating! We have our 12 week appointment in 3 weeks to see our Doctor, so we can find out more then:) Has anyone ever heard of taking Flouride while pregnant due to having well water?? I've never heard of this, and am not quite sure we need that...comments!! Xoxo B

Monday, February 3, 2014

We cant wait to know about you Baby H

Happy Monday All! We both are so excited for Thursday, this will be our first Dr 's appointment to learn more any information on Baby H. Not exactly sure how far along we are but I certainly see a baby bump!! And we are already so in love:)
I can't figure out how to flip it the right way but you can see. So excited to do the posts! So far feeling good, just the nausea and tiredness! Xoxo B