The Hoopes

Friday, January 23, 2015

Got Milk?

Let's talk Breastfeeding! I absolutely love BF! It is so much easier thank measuring, heating, sterilizing bottles but we had a dodoctors appointment earlier this week and Boone only gained .5 lb in 1 month. It got me thinking! How much is he eating?! So I started pumping again and only got 2oz... WHAT.. (picture me pulling my hair)! So I've been drinking water like crazy...pumping religiously every 2 hrs ( yes folks even at night..yuck)..and started taking Fenugreek. my son is very healthy looking...but I'm surprised. .2oz?! So I've been doing this for 3 days now and just 2 pills of the Fenugreek. ..I'm hoping for an increase in milk and hoping to store it as well! Any Advice?!
My life right now..Medela, H2o, and Fenugreek!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What color is that?

Let's talk Poop! I never thought I would care, inspect, or smell my son's poop as much as I do! I've heard the stories and was warned that poop will be a common topic for the first year of mommy hood but REALLY! why do I care somuch but ggosh darn I do...I'm the first one inspecting the color..asking my husband why does it smell like that?...whenwas his last poop? How much did he poop? Ok, now let's talk constipation! I am exclusively breastfeeding, but I needed out..out of the house and away just for a few hours to myself ( as soon as I get out I feel so guilty) but for my sanity and Chris', it's best. So i went to Green Farms last Sunday, so I pumped and made 2 bottles just in case...but my supply has been struggling so we mixed 2 oz of formula in each bottle. ( I'll elaborate on my milk supply later this week) we have given him 2oz of formula but never any more. So long story short. ..he didn't poop for 7 days....can you even imagine it. I was stressed ...where was the poop...why hasn't he pooped...he has eaten so much where could it be hiding...should I take him to the doctor. ..Apple juice...prune juice...suppositorie. ..enema...AHHH!! well he did go on day 8..i did do one suppositorie and apple juice with water mixer....i love being a new mom! And I proudly say I am that mom that worries about my son's poop! I feel like I am officially in the moms club now! Hi, my name is Brooklyn, and I have shit on the brain all the time!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where Did You Go 2014?

I honestly can't believe how much has changed from Jan. 2014 to Jan 2015! Last year on Jan 8, 2014 Chris and I were telling our family and friends that we were going to have a unbelievable thing to conceive (pun intended) but not a surprise..."when your not pulling out/or on birth control", it's not a surprise...per my husband. We are all adults here right? and I did say honestly in the beginning! Anyways..we were laying in bed listening to our 4 month old crying...1. Because he wants held 2. Because he's tired..and we couldn't help but to laugh because the exact same time LAST year our minds were racing for what was to come, we laughed! I, Brooklyn... can proudly say I had my son the Natural Way on September 12 2014. I won't go into all the details of our birth story but that fact above I am beyond proud and will tell anyone! I read and read article after article trying to prepare myself for the big day but everyone has THEIR day and will have THEIR own story, and I wouldn't change a single thing about mine and am happy with all of it! The advice that I will give to any soon to be first time mommy...Breath, I recommend Lamaze Classes (it's not only informative for mommy to be, but my husband payed more attention than I did and it helped him during the big event). Try, I know it's hard but try to enjoy every minute of pregnancy. .feeling the kicks and jabs, the alone time with your man, enjoy the not knowing, the dreaming of your baby. It all goes so fast. ..just enjoy! It's so important to have a good support system with you in your room, I had my husband on my left and mom on my right, I can't stress this enough...have someone designated to take pictures...lots because you can never go back andyou will forget. .it's easier to erase those not so flattering pictures, but those seem to be my favorite! I had such a wonderful pregnancy and birth. .i really am such a lucky many wonderful people to support us throughout this experience. ..i love you all. I also want to also give a special thanks to my husband. I couldn't have done it without you♡

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's A...............

Our 20 week ultrasound was April 28th, we were so nervous and excited! Our baby's heart rate has been consistently dropping. .176bpm...170bpm...150bpm...146bpm!! I feel great besides the occasional aches and pains of growing and stretching for baby and feeling tired! I have been blessed so far! I have felt some small movements at 18 weeks and see recently but nothing too strong! We are both excited for daddy to be able to feel!! I am so pleased to announce that.....
xoxo B