The Hoopes

Friday, January 23, 2015

Got Milk?

Let's talk Breastfeeding! I absolutely love BF! It is so much easier thank measuring, heating, sterilizing bottles but we had a dodoctors appointment earlier this week and Boone only gained .5 lb in 1 month. It got me thinking! How much is he eating?! So I started pumping again and only got 2oz... WHAT.. (picture me pulling my hair)! So I've been drinking water like crazy...pumping religiously every 2 hrs ( yes folks even at night..yuck)..and started taking Fenugreek. my son is very healthy looking...but I'm surprised. .2oz?! So I've been doing this for 3 days now and just 2 pills of the Fenugreek. ..I'm hoping for an increase in milk and hoping to store it as well! Any Advice?!
My life right now..Medela, H2o, and Fenugreek!


  1. What a Handsome fella!

  2. My close friend wants to become a lactation consultant after falling in love with breast-feeding her own child. I asked her about this an she suggested that you try to directly breast feed your baby as much as possible and keep in mind that pumping will never stimulate your milk to let down as much as your baby will. She said he is probably getting much more milk than you are able to pump. Congrats on the baby brooke!