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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where Did You Go 2014?

I honestly can't believe how much has changed from Jan. 2014 to Jan 2015! Last year on Jan 8, 2014 Chris and I were telling our family and friends that we were going to have a unbelievable thing to conceive (pun intended) but not a surprise..."when your not pulling out/or on birth control", it's not a surprise...per my husband. We are all adults here right? and I did say honestly in the beginning! Anyways..we were laying in bed listening to our 4 month old crying...1. Because he wants held 2. Because he's tired..and we couldn't help but to laugh because the exact same time LAST year our minds were racing for what was to come, we laughed! I, Brooklyn... can proudly say I had my son the Natural Way on September 12 2014. I won't go into all the details of our birth story but that fact above I am beyond proud and will tell anyone! I read and read article after article trying to prepare myself for the big day but everyone has THEIR day and will have THEIR own story, and I wouldn't change a single thing about mine and am happy with all of it! The advice that I will give to any soon to be first time mommy...Breath, I recommend Lamaze Classes (it's not only informative for mommy to be, but my husband payed more attention than I did and it helped him during the big event). Try, I know it's hard but try to enjoy every minute of pregnancy. .feeling the kicks and jabs, the alone time with your man, enjoy the not knowing, the dreaming of your baby. It all goes so fast. ..just enjoy! It's so important to have a good support system with you in your room, I had my husband on my left and mom on my right, I can't stress this enough...have someone designated to take pictures...lots because you can never go back andyou will forget. .it's easier to erase those not so flattering pictures, but those seem to be my favorite! I had such a wonderful pregnancy and birth. .i really am such a lucky many wonderful people to support us throughout this experience. ..i love you all. I also want to also give a special thanks to my husband. I couldn't have done it without you♡

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  1. I must say, You did a great job in delivery! Plus, He is just Beautiful and worth it all!! Love, Love, Love Him. :)
    Love you all,