The Hoopes

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What color is that?

Let's talk Poop! I never thought I would care, inspect, or smell my son's poop as much as I do! I've heard the stories and was warned that poop will be a common topic for the first year of mommy hood but REALLY! why do I care somuch but ggosh darn I do...I'm the first one inspecting the color..asking my husband why does it smell like that?...whenwas his last poop? How much did he poop? Ok, now let's talk constipation! I am exclusively breastfeeding, but I needed out..out of the house and away just for a few hours to myself ( as soon as I get out I feel so guilty) but for my sanity and Chris', it's best. So i went to Green Farms last Sunday, so I pumped and made 2 bottles just in case...but my supply has been struggling so we mixed 2 oz of formula in each bottle. ( I'll elaborate on my milk supply later this week) we have given him 2oz of formula but never any more. So long story short. ..he didn't poop for 7 days....can you even imagine it. I was stressed ...where was the poop...why hasn't he pooped...he has eaten so much where could it be hiding...should I take him to the doctor. ..Apple juice...prune juice...suppositorie. ..enema...AHHH!! well he did go on day 8..i did do one suppositorie and apple juice with water mixer....i love being a new mom! And I proudly say I am that mom that worries about my son's poop! I feel like I am officially in the moms club now! Hi, my name is Brooklyn, and I have shit on the brain all the time!!

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